About Us

Tango Montana is dedicated to the promotion of Argentine Tango in Bozeman, Montana, and the
surrounding areas.

Argentine Tango is a complex and intimate social dance containing unique and intricate movements. It can be elegant and playful. Tango is not choreographed, but is improvised as it is danced. Tango is highly personal and expressive, and can be an unforgettable experience intimately shared between you and your partner.


Joel Switzer and Michelle Lutton started dancing tango in 2004 under teacher and founder of Tango Montana, David Caditz and Andrea Nye. They have attended classes, workshops and tango festivals throughout the western United States including lessons from Norberto "El Pulpo" Esprez, Luiza Paes, James Friedgen, Murat and Michelle Erdemsel, Alex Krebs, Cecilia Gonzales, Shorey Meyers, Mariela Franganillo, Lisette Perelle, and Clay Nelson among others.

Joel and Michelle enjoy dancing both traditional close-embrace tango and nuevo open-embrace tango. They are continually fascinated by the endless possibilities that Argentine tango has to offer and love to share the experience with their students and fellow dancers.

Tango Montana Board Members:

David Caditz (Founder)
Chris Kaufmann
Michelle Lutton
Erok Rosberg
Joel Switzer